Chatillon TT系列气动测试仪

用于测力的 TT 气动测试仪有两种型号可选,一种是脚动开关,一种是手动开关。在此处查看 TT 气动测试仪的更多信息。 Chatillon TT 系列是气动操作 测试仪器 ,用于测量电器引线、端子、连接器、缠绕线圈等的断裂强度,当与 机械 测力计 结合使用时,非常适用于那些对安全性有严格要求的地方。 该气动测试仪可用于拉伸或压缩测试。极快的测试速度,使气动测试仪适用于在线测试、来料检查测试或研发实验室。 该气动测试仪拥有6 英寸(15厘米)测试......


Chatillon TT 系列气动测试仪
Chatillon TT 系列是气动操作测试仪器,用于测量电器引线、端子、连接器、缠绕线圈等的断裂强度,当与机械测力计结合使用时,非常适用于那些对安全性有严格要求的地方。


该气动测试仪拥有6 英寸(15厘米)测试冲程,滑块速度最低可控制到每分钟 0.1 英寸(2.5 毫米)。该测试仪运行时采用洁净干燥的空气,较大空气压力高达 160 磅/平方英寸(11.2 巴)。它符合 MIL-T-7928(ASG) 对卷边焊片的要求。

TT 测试仪有两种型号可选:一种是脚动开关,一种是手动开关。 

TT 系列主要特色:
- 易于操作
- 独立回程速度
- 自动回缩卡爪

TT Series Pneumatic Force Tester

The CHATILLON® TT Series is a pneumatically-operated tester for measuring breaking strength of electrical leads, terminals, connectors, wire wraps, etc. It is ideal for areas where intrinsic safety is required (when used with a mechanical gauge). The TT Tester operates using clean, dry air with a maximum air pressure up to 160 psig (11.2 bar). The TT Tester meets MIL-T-7928 (ASG) requirements for crimped, solderless lugs. The tester may be used for tensile or compression testing. The rapid test speed makes it ideal for production line testing, incoming inspection testing or for the R&D laboratory. The TT Tester features a 6-inch (15 cm) test stroke. Ram speed may be controlled as low as 0.1-inch (2.5 mm) per minute. The TT Tester is available in two models: one with a foot-actuated switch; the other with a hand-actuated switch.

 Simple to Operate
 Meets MIL-T-7928 (ASG) Requirements
 6-inch Stroke
 Precise Ram Speed Control to 0.1 in/min
 Independent Return Speed
 Automatic Retracting Jaws
 Mounts to Chatillon DF Series Force Gauges
 1 Year Warranty


Load Capacity:
Sample Size:
Crosshead Speed:
Jaw Opens:
Jaw Closes:
Load Measurement:
Air Motor:
For 225 lbf (1 kN): For 550 lbf (2.5 kN):
Operating Temperature:
Instrument Weight:
Shipping Weight:

500 lbf, 2.5 kN
Up to 15 inch (380mm) 7/32 OD
6 in/min
6 inches (152mm) 7/32 inch (5.6mm) 1/2 inch (12mm)
Chatillon DF Gauges
Requires 60 psi (4.2 bar) Requires 125 psi (8.7 bar) 40°F to 110°F
5°C to 45°C 50 lbs (25 kg) 65 lbs (30 kg)

TT Series          
Model Description        
ML3317 Hand Operated Switch        
ML3353 Foot Operated Switch        
Standard Accessories        
Part No. Description        
NC002582 DF Gauge Mounting Kit        
ML1797 Foot Pedal (ML3353 only)    
Optional Accessories      
Part No. Description        
ML1797 Foot Pedal Controller        
ML4242 Jaw Replacement Kit        

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